Convent Name Place Phone
St. George Convent Aimury 0484 2649077
St. Antony's Convent Aluva 0484-2607540
Little Flower Convent Angamaly 9526866407
Preshitharam Convent Ayyampuzha 0484 2696608, 7561077401
St. Joseph's Convent Bandha
St. Thomas Convent Bhagsar 01633272606
Lisieux Bhavan Chalil 8281693536
Mary matha Convent Chiniyalisaur
Home of Faith Chittethukara 0484 2422250
St. Francis Xavier Convent Chully 0484 2696008
St. Thomas Convent Convent Edappally 9544366875
Preshitharam Convent,( Anugrahasadan) Elavoor 9446230733
St. Joseph's Convent Elenthikara
Preshitharam Sisters Ernakulam
Little Flower Convent Ernakulam
Sanjoe Bhavan Faridabad
Fathima Gorakhpur
St. Mary's Convent Gorakhpur
Preshitharam Sisters Kalady
Mary Immaculate Conception Kalady 0484 2462473
Preshitharam Convent Kandanaserry
Preshitharam Convent Kannimangalam 9946088975
Preshitharam Convent Kotdwar
Alphonsa Convent Marathakara
De Paul Ladis Hostel Mekkad
Geetha Village Moolamattam
St. Joseph's Convent Mudayaranji
Preshitharam Sisters Muringoor
Divine centre Muringoor
St. Anns Convent Muttathiparambu 0478 2182253
St. Mary's Convent Nalukettu 0480 2732989
Our Lady of Grace Nayathodu 0484 2610536
Preshitharam Convent Niwari
Preshitharam Convent Njaralloor 0484 2681285
Preshitharam Convent Pandupara
Preshitharam Convent Papenburg
Preshitharam Sisters Parappuram
Preshitharam Sisters Pfrimd
Karuna Bhavan Potta
Alphonsa Convent Prithvipur
sacred Heart Convent Punga
Sweet Home Puthenchira
Preshitharam Sisters Ragenstauf
Preshitharam Convent Rajagiri Valley, Kakkanad 0484 2427342
Prem Sadan Satna
Preshitharam Convent Sreemoolanagaram 0484 2601636
Preshitharam Sisters Telicherry
Alphonsa Convent Thamaraserry
Preshitharam Convent thottakom 0482 9224027
St. Joseph Convent Thrikkakara
St. Antony's Convent Thuthiyoor 04842421064,8547003064
Preshitharam Convent Vellariyanam
Pushpa sadan Convent Vellattanjur
Nirmala Convent Watul

News & Events

  • Plenary Assembly The Plenary Assembly  has conducted  on 27, 28  September  2017.  Fifty t ...
  • Europ visit Our Mother General Sr. Eucharist has visited Germany, Italy and Vianna where our sisters are worki ...
  • jubilee celebration Heaerty welcome to our beloved bishop Rt. Rev. Bp. Pauly Kannookkadan

  • jubilee celebration 13 January 2016 was a joyfulday for us.  A new beautiful flower was added in the arammam gard ...
  • A class on vocation A   class regarding vocation was  coducted  for the  +1 students of our p ...
  • The first group gathering of Preshitharam Sisters. We have conducted a batch gathering of 1, 2nd, 3rd and 4th batches of our sisters at the Generalat ...