Name Date of Death
Sr. Mareena CPS 16-03-2016
Sr. Jancy CPS 24-11-2015
Sr. Margret CPS 07-10-2014
Sr. Sebeena CPS 12-07-2013
Sr. Fransisca CPS 21-03-2013
Sr. Roselin CPS 03-03-2012
Sr. Georgia CPS 05-01-2011
Sr. Jessy Maria CPS 29-11-2006
Sr. Mary Ann CPS 13-02-2006
Sr. Kochuthresia CPS 02-02-2006
Sr. Alphonsa CPS 04-04-2004
Sr. Agnes CPS 08-03-1998
Sr. Susanna CPS 20-07-1997
Sr. Thomasina CPS 23-02-1987

News & Events

  • Plenary Assembly The Plenary Assembly  has conducted  on 27, 28  September  2017.  Fifty t ...
  • Europ visit Our Mother General Sr. Eucharist has visited Germany, Italy and Vianna where our sisters are worki ...
  • jubilee celebration Heaerty welcome to our beloved bishop Rt. Rev. Bp. Pauly Kannookkadan

  • jubilee celebration 13 January 2016 was a joyfulday for us.  A new beautiful flower was added in the arammam gard ...
  • A class on vocation A   class regarding vocation was  coducted  for the  +1 students of our p ...
  • The first group gathering of Preshitharam Sisters. We have conducted a batch gathering of 1, 2nd, 3rd and 4th batches of our sisters at the Generalat ...