Superior General

Sr. Eucharist CPS

Sr. Mercy Paul
(1st Councillor)

Sr. Dona CPS
(2nd Councillor)

Sr. Mancy CPS
(3rd Councillor)

Sr. Silvy CPS
(4th Councillor)

Sr. Joyce

Sr. Lisieux Rose

News & Events

  • Plenary Assembly The Plenary Assembly  has conducted  on 27, 28  September  2017.  Fifty t ...
  • Europ visit Our Mother General Sr. Eucharist has visited Germany, Italy and Vianna where our sisters are worki ...
  • jubilee celebration Heaerty welcome to our beloved bishop Rt. Rev. Bp. Pauly Kannookkadan

  • jubilee celebration 13 January 2016 was a joyfulday for us.  A new beautiful flower was added in the arammam gard ...
  • A class on vocation A   class regarding vocation was  coducted  for the  +1 students of our p ...
  • The first group gathering of Preshitharam Sisters. We have conducted a batch gathering of 1, 2nd, 3rd and 4th batches of our sisters at the Generalat ...